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Online Move Course

All the steps, forms, timelines and suggestions to help make your senior move more successful. An online digital course, to complete at your leisure. It will answer all your questions about how to complete these move successfully with the least stress possible. 


Comprensive Move Plan

When you purchase The DIY Binder, the MYLO Assessment is included, and the project management work begins: we research and get quotes on everything, from packers and movers, to estate sale agents, car and pet transport options, real estate agents, home rental market intel, medical facilities at the new location — all will be included in The DIY Binder. We can provide home staging and storage recommendations as well as provide assistance with downsizing and donating personal items. We'll guide you in insuring, protecting, and distributing valuables, collectibles and heirloom items. Your custom DIY Binder is an electronic document that includes your master schedule, a comprehensive checklist, and all essential paperwork for your pending move. You'll have everything you need to track in one place. 


The Concierge

If you don't have the time, bandwidth, emotional, mental or physical availability, we will execute your move plan, your way. If you want MYLO to serve as boots-on-the-ground from doorstep to doorstep, done. All the coordinating, calls, logistics and troubleshooting are done for you. Need a car—or precious pet transported? We'll research and make that for you. Heck, if you want, MYLO can drive your car cross-country with Fido in the front seat , and a travel photo-journal to boot!

We can coordinate Estate sales, any and all travel arrangements for your senior parent, set up storage unit rentals or arrange other storage solutions. We can even help unpack (and set up) the new home. You tell us what you need and we'll make it happen. 

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