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When you hire MYLO, you'll be part of our 3-step, Senior Move Project Management process: assessing your personal situation; drawing a professional analysis from that assessment; mapping out the execution of your plan. 


Step 1 - Assess

MYLO begins with our detailed and complete Move Assessment of your situation. This Assessment will ask you questions about your Loved One's health and physical needs, distance of the move, timing of the move, what family members are involved, who is the point person, are financial and medical documentation in order.

Was there a change that happened overnight, making the decision to move your parent(s) front and center? Is there a health and/or safety concern around your parents living situation? Our comprehensive assessment gives us a complete picture of you, your needs and best steps forward.


Step 2 - Analyze

Once the Move Assessment is completed, we do a full, professional Move Analysis. This analysis helps dictate what quotes are needed —be that moving trucks, movers, packers, estate sale coordination, realtors, home stagers, car transport and more. The analysis will also help project realistic timelines, deadlines and moving targets. This Step 2 is invaluably important to help understand what's needed to make this move as successful as possible.


Step 3 - Execute

Here's where things get exciting — we execute your Plan, your way. What does that mean?
You can hire MYLO for just the Assessment and Analysis. Or you can get the Assessment, Analysis and your personalized Move Plan and do the more as a DIY. Or, we can project manage and execute the whole move—we manage and 
coordinate the movers, packers, estate sales, home sale coordination and unpacking (all those costs are separate from MYLO).

All the coordinating, calls, logistics and troubleshooting are done for you. 

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